Powder Metallurgy & Metal Injection Moulding Consulting Dr. V. Kruzhanov
A deep knowledge in powder metallurgy and Metal Injection Moulding is based on a long time managing activity of  V. Kruzhanov in university and industrial research. The last position at GKN Sinter Metals was a management responsibility for R&D department (24 employees) of the world´s largest powder metallurgical company. The content of this 12 years activity was research,  product & process development and market analysis in close collaboration with manufacturing. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PM Consulting, Remscheid, Germany Currently        Consultant GKN Sinter Metals 2001 – 2012   Director Research & Development Europe University Dortmund, Institute of Materials Engineering, Germany    1997 – 2001    Head of Materials Technology Department 1995 – 1997  Research Fellow             1994  Visiting Scientist Ruhr-University Bochum, Institute of Geophysics, Germany 1994 – 1995  Research Fellow Kharkov University, Department of Physics, Ukraine 1988 – 1992 Head of Laboratory of High Temperature Processes in Metals 1975 – 1987 Senior Research Fellow 1970 – 1974   Junior Research Fellow EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND 1990     D.Sc.  Degree (Doctor of Science) in Solid State Physics 1975     Ph.D.  Degree in Physics of Crystals 1970     M.Sс.  Degree in Physics MEMBERSHIP  EPMA  (European Powder Metallurgy Association) MIM – Expertenkreis (Metal Injection Moulding Expert Group, Germany)
PM Consulting   Dr. V. Kruzhanov       PHONE:      + 49 171 675 3041 Remscheid CONTACT: E-MAIL:    kruzhanov@pm-mim-consulting.com Germany WEB: www.pm-mim-consulting.com