Powder Metallurgy & Metal Injection Moulding Consulting Dr. V. Kruzhanov
PM Consulting   Dr. V. Kruzhanov       PHONE:      + 49 171 675 3041 Remscheid CONTACT: E-MAIL:    kruzhanov@pm-mim-consulting.com Germany WEB: www.pm-mim-consulting.com 

We offer consulting services in the field of powder metallurgy:

You already have an existing production of metal powders or components from powder and want to optimize or develop new materials and processes, to improve the quality of your products or increase quality assurance, to reduce your production costs through savings of material and energy, to source suitable equipment to expand your production, to develop new products or explore new markets for your existing products You are planning to start a production of powder, feedstock or components from powder and need a market assessment and identification of potential customers, a review of the economic viability of the intended production, an optimized design of the production, to source and evaluate the appropriate equipment to start such a production, to train your staff to operate a new production set We can offer in-depth advice for any of these cases OUR CONSULTING SERVICES COVER:   Conventional Powder Metallurgy (PM) Powder atomization and treatment Preparing  powder blends for compaction High density powder compaction (development of high effective lubricants) High temperature sintering of PM steels (process and equipment) Powder forging (iron and aluminium based alloys) Finishing of sintered components (heat treatment, sizing, rolling, machining) High performance sintered aluminium alloys and metal matrix composites (MMCs) Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) Design and manufacturing of MIM feedstocks Debinding and sintering processes MIM components out of micro- and nano-powders Advanced applications of MIM components Optimization of production chain Additive Manufacturing (AD) 3D-printing using binder or powder based ink Post-printing processing of 3D-printed articles Debinding and sintering technology and equipment Metallic foam materials (PM processing and joining) PM manufacturing of diamond tools Efficiency improvement of automotive hydraulics with sintered components Energy consumption in powder metallurgy and heat treatment Providing access to the latest scientific developments and experts relevant for the industry Industrial and market research